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I don’t want to die 

But I think about dying all the time

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When the trouble dies down, I’ll go.


Dir. Steve McQueen.

I didn’t write the song to provoke any kind of negative reaction or anything like that. The song, to me, is about what it is to be a human, what it is to love someone as a human being, and organizations that would undermine that, and undermine the more natural parts of being a person. If you feel offended or disgusted by the image of two people kissing, if that’s what it is, but you’re more disgusted by that than the actual violence … I think you should take a look at your values, maybe. I don’t think there really should be a controversy when we’re talking about a basic human right and the equal treatment of people. Electing a person in the place of an organization, like the church, as someting that is worth worshipping and something that is worth loving, something tangible and real … There’s a lot to the song, but if I need to stand up and swing from the corner, I’m happy to do that.


For you

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